Hardi demonstration this week
Hardi demonstration this week Police spokesperson

The extremist haredi organization 'The Yerushalmi Faction' is threatening to disrupt the Jerusalem marathon tomorrow to protest the detention of a yeshiva student who was arrested this week for draft dodging.

"In order to prevent disruptions along dozens of kilometers of the race tracks, the police will have to allocate unprecedented manpower, while these forces will have to deal at the same time with traffic disruptions and demonstrations all across the country," the Yerushalmi Faction said in a statement.

Approximately 30,000 runners from Israel and abroad will take part in the Jerusalem marathon tomorrow morning. Police are preparing for a confrontation with extremists who may try to disrupt the event.

The Jerusalem police said that they would "act with all available means and with a strong hand against anyone who illegally attempts to disrupt the normal course of the marathon and disturb the peace."

"The leadership of all sectors in Jerusalem must exercise responsibility and take action to prevent any intent to disturb the peace and disrupt the course of the event and the quality of life in the city proper," the police added.

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