Demonstrations at Kannot junction
Demonstrations at Kannot junction Police spokesman

Hundreds of extremist haredim belonging to the 'Jerusalem faction' of Rabbi Shmuel Auerbach are demonstrating Wednesday evening once again at a number of central locations around the country in protest over the arrest of a haredi yeshiva student who did not register at his local IDF office as demanded by law.

In Jerusalem demonstrators tried to close Bar Ilan street but were removed by police. Drivers could not continue on Golda Meir Road towards the Sanhedria intersection during peak rush hour and were diverted by police to other roads which quickly turned into a massive traffic jam. Nine demonstrators who were disturbing the peace and not obeying police orders were arrested. Demonstrators were also visible on Bar Lev street but public order was maintained at that location.

Demonstrations are also taking place at Sderot, the Ganot and Shaar Hanegev junctions and the Kannot junction.

The demonstrations are in response to the arrest of a haredi student who did not register at the IDFdraft office on the appointed date. He was apprehended during the course of the Purim festival and the "Jerusalem Faction" saw this as a provocation and announced that they would not only demonstrate Wednesday but would also try to disrupt the Jerusalem Marathon on Friday.

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