One of the offensive Purim decorations
One of the offensive Purim decorations Israel Police

Members of the Eida Haharedit extremist haredi group, which does not recognize the Zionist state, hanged dummies dressed as haredi soldiers in Jerusalem during the Purim holiday on Monday.

According to haredi news site Kikar Hashabbat, many residents of the haredi enclave of Meah Sharim objected to the provocative display.

"Besides being in bad taste, this is incitement to murder and harm haredi soldiers. This is absolutely unacceptable, no matter what," said one resident, who wished to remain anonymous.

Last year, the group hung a "Haman" doll dressed as a soldier with sidelocks, a beard, and Crocs footwear. The doll was hung on a rope next to a sign disparaging the IDF.

Israel Police were called to the scene and are expected to remove the dolls.

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