A severe indictment was issued Sunday in the Tel Aviv district court against Younes Braha, a 29-year-old Eritrean infiltrator for attempted rape, grievous bodily harm and abuse of an 80-year-old woman.

The indictment stated that at the beginning of the month the elderly woman was walking around using a trolley to maintain her balance. The accused approached her, pushed her out the way and took the trolley. She shouted at him "give me the trolley", but Braha approached her and started pummelling her.

The woman fell to the floor from the blows and Braha dragged her to a hidden place and attempted to rape her. When he saw police arriving at the scene he ran away but was caught after a short chase. The woman suffered numerous injuries as a result of the attack including a broken right arm, bruises on both cheeks,her chest, armpits and forehead and injuries to her left elbow and other parts of her body.

"The accused chose to satisfy his sexual urges and chose easy prey, an old woman who had difficulty walking, while exploiting her age and physical condition. The accused did not have any mercy on her. He knocked her to the ground with his punches, dragged her to a corner of the street, and brutally hit her and pulled down her trousers intending to rape her," said the indictment.