Binyamin Netanyahu
Binyamin Netanyahu Reuters

Israeli Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu participated on Saturday night in a Megilla reading in Caesarea's central synagogue.

The Prime Minister compared the wicked Haman, who attempted to wipe out the entire Jewish people in the Persian Empire, to the regime of the Ayatollahs in modern day Persia, Iran.

"Today, too, those who live in Persia are trying to destroy us. Today, too, they will not succeed," he said.

During his meeting on Thursday with Russian President Vladimir Putin, Netanyahu said, "2,500 years ago in ancient Persia, there was an attempt to destroy the Jewish people that did not succeed and we mark this on the holiday of Purim.

"Today there is an attempt by Persia’s heir, Iran, to destroy the state of the Jews. They say this as clearly as possible and inscribe it on their ballistic missiles."

Ancient Persia is located almost exactly where modern-day Iran is..

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