Mor Maman
Mor Maman Shaar Yashuv/Flash90

Mor Maman, only 21 years old, decided to take advantage of International Women's Day and, in a personal and moving post on her Instagram page, shared her process of return and connection to the Creator.

"Madly in love with the Creator, King of Kings. There is no day, minute, or second that I do not thank Him and tell Him how much I love Him," wrote Maman in her post. "He keeps and protects me, He has accompanied me for the six months of my return journey, He lets me understand what being a good person is and what it means to love the L-rd your G-d with all your heart.

"He sends messengers and good souls that help me and give me good advice. He opens doors for me in business and in my personal life and He fills me with joy that never ends. Smile, you are children of the King of Kings, the Holy One. Blessed is He Who made me a woman, Happy Woman's Day.

"I keep Shabbat and go three times weekly to Torah classes and the synagogue. I am now in Brazil and I'm not in a swimsuit or uploading photos in a swimsuit. Although I was secular, I've always had an affinity for religion. I started to become more religious because I felt I had everything in this life and yet I have nothing. I feel authentic happiness that is not dependent on anything. I have signed a partnership with an American cosmetics firm. We have 20 offices in 11 American states and these days we are also expanding to Brazil and other countries. Being there makes me feel good, because actually Torah teaches you to be a better person".

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