A youth arrested yesterday during the course of a demonstration at the Yizhar junction over the demolition of houses in Ofra has been unconditionally released by the court.

Attorney Hai Haber, representing the youth via the Honenu legal aid organization, presented to the court video documentation of Special Patrol Unit policemen assaulting the youth. Honenu is an organization dedicated to assisting soldiers and civilians defending themselves against criminal allegations by the State.

The police claimed that the youth had blocked the road and attacked police. They asked the court to prevent him from entering Judea and Samaria for two months and to require him to post a 1000 NIS guarantee to ensure that he would fulfill the order.

Judge Oded Morano stated that there was a reasonable suspicion that the youth had violated the law according to the police report but stated that "consideration should be given" to the video in which one of the policemen was seen pushing the detainee into a police van while using unnecessary violence.

The judge stated that there was no reason to issue a restraining order which would also distance him from the place in which he studies and ruled that the detainee should be released on bail.

The Honenu organization stated in response that "the incident once again emphasizes the importance of documenting police violence. Time and again we are witness to incidents in which the documentation reveals the truth and proves that the police and not the citizens accused had violated the law."

Attorney Haber added that "it is sad to see that in such sensitive situations when normative people wish to express their protest at the injustice of evicting Jews from their homes, the police choose to act with such insensitivity and violence."