Oren Hazan
Oren Hazan Yonatan Sindel, Flash 90

MK Oren Hazan (Likud) spoke on Tuesday in the Knesset about the new laws granting benefits to workers, and told his listeners about the time he owned a shawarma stand in the city of Ariel.

"There are many new MKs who really want to help, but they don't have the necessary knowledge to do so," Hazan said. "I see laws being proposed right, left, and center. We've lost our sense of direction. A vacation day, a day of rest, a nursing day, a day of passing things on to others, another nursing day, a hugging day, a kissing day, and it's like one big party.

"People, wake up. Tomorrow morning business owners will no longer want to employ women.

"For my sins, I once had a shawarma stand. They say it's the second-best shawarma in Israel. It was called Baba Grill Bar. And it was the best Baba.

"Every morning, I would lay out the meat, fry, spice, slice, and stand on my feet for 14 hours. I would cut, slice, serve, hummus, French fries, salad, you name it. Will you eat here, or should I pack it up? But besides for the fact that I loved to give generously, because 'food should be made with love or not at all,' I was sweating at that shawarma place, and not just because of how hot the oven was.

"I was sweating because of all the new rules from the National Insurance Institute, and all the other new regulations. As a young owner of a small business, I understand where these people are coming from - and it's something MKs don't understand.

"These regulations come at the expense of the Israeli public. Every day that we think we're helping workers - we're really raising the cost of living. If we don't stop, we're gong to find a lot of small businesses collapsing."