Israeli Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu said on Sunday that his five-day trip to Australia was "wonderful" and that he felt Australia and Israel shared "the same path" more or less.

It was the first time a sitting Israeli Prime Minister visited Australia.

"This has been a wonderful visit here. Your people are amazing," Netanyahu told Australian Foreign Minister Julie Bishop before holding bilateral talks behind closed doors.

"I'd stay longer if I could."

"I know they were both very much looking forward to your visit," Bishop said.Bishop visited Israel in September 2016.

Netanyahu explained the substantial dangers of the nuclear agreement and in Iran's aggressive conduct in the region as well as in its support for terrorism and the continued development of its ballistic missile program. In addition, he explained the difference between the concept of two states and the content and substance of two states.

During Netanyahu's visit, Australia and Israel agreed to upgrade security, intelligence, economic, cyber and technology relations.