Trump meets with Netanyahu
Trump meets with Netanyahu Flash90

Prime Minister Netanyahu compelled ministers in the Political-Security Cabinet to sign a document of obligation to complete secrecy - in order to prevent leaks from the details of the talk that the PM held with US President Donald Trump last week, according to a report published this morning in Yisrael Hayom.

According to the report, the Cabinet members signed the document on Sunday - two days after Netanyahu returned from the US and before he set out again for official visits to Singapore and Australia.

A senior official was quoted as saying yesterday that not only were ministers asked to sign to secrecy, but senior clerks present at the time of the meeting were requested to do so as well.

According to assessments, during the meeting, Netanyahu revealed information about his coordination of Israel's building policy in Judea and Samaria with the new American administration.

Netanyahu explained the importance of keeping the revealed information private in order to maintain a sense of trust between the two countries - and allow the established coordination committee to effectively carry out its purpose, according to the report.

While members of the Political-Security Cabinet are, in any event, obligated to maintain secrecy over the nature of their discussions, recent leaks have apparently compelled the Prime Minister to take extra steps towards preventing such occurrences.