We remember: Adir Zik
We remember: Adir Zik Flash 90

"Adir Zik was neither an emperor, nor a high priest, nor a decorated general, nor a world-renowned philosopher. He was merely a television producer. However, he was also, infallibly, a tabernacle of unvarnished truth, iron will, clear vision and passionate love for the essence of Israel. As such, he was truly a legend in his own lifetime, universally revered and adored by all Zionists with a clear conscience, and just as universally reviled and feared by all Zionists who have parted - temporarily, we all hope - with their consciences. His very name, roughly translated, means 'the great spark'."

So wrote Suzie Dym after the 2005 passing of the legendary Israeli firebrand Adir Zik. Termed the "Israeli Rush Limbaugh", Zik was described as "a lover of Israel, a man who exemplified a love of the Torah, the Holy Land, and G-d’s people, Zik, 66, made his case every Friday with a morning program on Arutz Sheva - first on the radio, and then continuing over the internet.

"The program, 'Adir’s Fireworks' - based on the meaning of the Hebrew word zik - spread a message of Torah, truth and unyielding compromise, accompanied by a call for total dedication for the glorification of the Land of Israel and the Chosen People. He warned against the dangers threatening the State of Israel following the 1993 Oslo Agreement, and never let up until he died.

"Adir Zik's opinions earned him many a political nemesis. He railed against the bias of the media, which he commonly called 'tishkoret' instead of 'tikshoret ('lies' instead of 'media'). He popularized the term Bolshevik government' when he used it to refer to the Labor Rabin-Peres regime and its methods of putting down its political opponents," according to the Arutz Sheva announcement of his passing.

In memory of this great personage and in order to propagate his philosophy and legacy, Arutz Sheva presents the following for your reading edification:

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זוכרים. אדיר זיק ז"ל
צילום: פלאש 90

The author wishes to thank Eliezer Moshe Kline of Nachaliel for reminding about the yahrtzeit.

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