Israel Electric Corporation
Israel Electric Corporation Flash 90

The Israel Electric Authority announced Monday that it would not cut power off to Holocaust survivors and consumers using lifesaving devices even when they are unable to pay their bills. The initiative is part of a new program which will allow for longer payment periods for bills and a wider variety of methods to be used for bill payment.

The new phased program is being developed by Electric Authority Chairman Dr. Assaf Eilat, Israel Electric Corporation Director Yiftah Ron-Tal and National Infrastructure Minister Yuval Steinitz (Likud). After it is completed, the company will only cut off electricity to those who refuse to pay their bills.

Steinitz said that he is considering establishing a committee to examine which populations would be eligible for discounts.

The Association for Community Empowerment - Yedid praised the move.

“This is a great achievement, but not sufficient. Electricity is a basic right which should not be denied consumers.”