Trump and Netanyahu
Trump and Netanyahu Hezki Baruch

President Donald Trump's close adviser, Boris Epstein, spoke about the US position on Judea and Samaria during an interview on Channel 10 Monday.

"The president is the closest friend of the Jewish nation and the Jewish state," said Epstein when he was asked regarding building within communities in Judea and Samaria. "I will not comment on this publicly but the president was very clear in his words. He had a very fruitful discussion with Prime Minister Netanyahu, with the goal being achieving peace."

Epstein said regarding Amona and Netanyahu's commitment to build Amona evacuees a new settlement that Trump's statement about "slowing down settlements" spoke for itself. "What's important is the substance and not the labels. The leaders will continue to work to find a way to a peace which involves numerous players and to which Trump and Netanyahu referred in their press conference."

Referring to the president's statement that it doesn't matter whether the Arab-Israeli conflict's solution involves one state or two states, as it is more important to achieve a solution agreed to by everyone, Epstein said that Trump wants the best solution that will bring peace, "whether it is two states or not- the president is focused on achieving peace in the Middle East."

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