The difficult accident in the south
The difficult accident in the south Negev Rescue and Firefighters Spokesman

Tuvia and Batya Margalit, 75, were proud grandparents of their grandson Lior, who had just completed his tank officer training course.

According to Yediot Aharonot, the couple left their home Wednesday is central Israel to travel south to the center of the Negev desert in order to attend the completion ceremony of their grandson. On the way to the ceremony, however, they were tragically killed in a car collision which claimed the lives of three and left four others injured.

In the other car was a couple from France in their forties. The man was killed, and his wife seriously injured. It was reported that one of the cars flew up into the air and flipped as a result of the collision.

Three passengers in an additional vehicle were lightly injured.

Initial investigations found that one of the cars lost control under still unclear circumstances.

Lior’s family members waited to tell him of the tragic news until after the ceremony.

“They were a couple surrounded by friends,” said the daughter of Tuvia and Batya, Iris. “They loved to live, travel in Israel and the world, dance and, mainly, volunteer.”

“They were the greatest parents and grandparents that anyone could wish for [...] It was very important for them to come to the Lior’s ceremony. They would come to every one of the events and ceremonies of the grandchildren.”

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