Israel Prize ceremony
Israel Prize ceremony Flash 90

Education Minister Naftali Bennett announced that Agnes Keleti has been awarded the Israel Prize for Sport and Physical Culture.

Bennett affirmed the recommendation of the prize committee headed by Yael Arad, a former judoka who was the first Israeli to win an Olympic medal.

The committee stated in its recommendation that "96-year-old Agnes (Agi) Keleti, who won ten Olympic medals in gymnastics in Helsinki (1952) and Melbourne (1956) and was inducted into her sport's international Hall of Fame. Keleti, born in Hungary and a Holocaust survivor, immigrated to Israel in 1957 for the Maccabiah games.

"A special, powerful, and brilliant woman. A trailblazer, leader, and paragon for all of her pupils in Israel and worldwide, who has made history and lives among us. Highly respected in the world of sport and still considered one of the greatest gymnasts in history.

Agnes Keleti was one of the originators of gymnastics in Israel, she led the discipline for more than 50 years, training gymnasts and guiding generations of coaches and winners over the course of the years."

Sports education and its transmission to the younger generation was one of Agnes Keleti's cherished values. Doggedly and determinedly she set a high standard for future physical education teachers as a basis for acquiring the right habits for future generations. Personal responsibility and self-discipline were her guiding lights," wrote the judges in their recommendation.

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