Rock-throwing Arab teens (file)
Rock-throwing Arab teens (file) Issam Rimawi/Flash90

Israeli Security forces at the end of last week noticed a suspicious-looking Arab, who was throwing stones at Rachel's Tomb.

Israel Police and Border Police responded immediately to stop the rock-thrower, who was a 13.5 year old Arab from the Bethlehem-area town of al-Aida.

Upon inspection of the terrorist, security forces found a slingshot and a veil.

The youth admitted to throwing the stones, as well as to involvement in other rock-throwing attacks in the area. He was released and the court will soon file an indictment against him.

In the past week, seven Arab terrorists have been arrested for throwing rocks, Molotov cocktails, and other ammunition at Israeli civilians visiting Rachel's Tomb.

"Israel Police continue to work to prevent, thwart, and immediately arrest those throwing Molotov cocktails and stones from endangering visitors' security. We will do everything legally possible to stop the attacks," a police spokesman said.

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