Nizri home in Amona
Nizri home in AmonaUnknown

Elazar, one of hundreds of young people who came to Amona to encourage the residents, reported yesterday (Wednesday) on police violence he experienced during the evacuation.

At the outset Elazar related that before the evacuation commenced he was staying at the home of Yehoyada and Tamar Nizri, longtime Amona residents: "I sat in the corner of the living room, near the family. The moment they came to expel us I sat on the floor with another young man, we linked arms, and suddenly five of them charged us - one stood over me, stamped on my hands, punching me in the eye and kneeing my teeth without blinking, pulling my nose straight up without my having done anything - I didn't move at all."

According to him, the policemen started beating him and his friends with no provocation, "They just started hitting. My eye swelled up, all the bones in my entire jaw are still sore, they shoved us into a wall while no-one was looking. Two of us, five cops on us, beating the [daylights] out of us".

Elazar does not understand why police used violence for no reason: "Do what you must, lift us, that's your right, but who asked you to beat us up to separate us? Beating, punching, right in the eye, without blinking at all."

According to Elazar they were intended to be painful blows, "They twisted my fingers, and besides that it was mainly blows to the face but also to the hands and fingers."

The Honeinu legal-aid organization reports that all Amona detainees have been released. Legal assistance was provided by Honeinu attorneys Nati Rom and Azriel Friedenburg, who also aided in their release process.

Honeinu says "complaints about police violence continue to flow in". Extreme police violence on the buses is being reported, where police confiscated all phones and photographic equipment and then proceeded to beat people.

Complaints indicate that most police brutality took place in areas where police verified they were not being recorded.

Honeinu's Civil Department worked yesterday and throughout the night in the hospitals where those wounded during the evacuation were brought. Honeinu attorney Chaim Bleicher visited the wounded, collected evidence, and documented their injuries for the purpose of filing complaints and claims.

Meanwhile, the last four detainees arrested during a protest near the gates of the Temple Mount will be brought before the Jerusalem Magistrates Court . Attorney Rehavia Piltz of Honeinu provided the detainees with legal assistance.