Live: Police break in to Amona Synagogue
Live: Police break in to Amona Synagogue צילום: מרים אלסטר, פלאש 90

Large forces of police have completed the expulsion from the Amona synagogue and removed the tens of youths barricaded in the synagogue.

The expulsion was lengthy and complicated. The breaching of the doors and windows was done with the help of firemen who were summoned to the place.

Police were nervous of violence during the course of the expulsion and therefore conducted negotiations over the procedure with the head of the Amona camp, Avihai Boaron.

As police were evacuating the barricades set up near the synagogue smoke from fire extinguishers aimed at them was coming out of the synagogue. Police reported 17 lightly injured officers during the evacuation while the Honenu organization reported that 20 of the youths had been injured during the course of the evacuation.

A police statement said, "In the course of attempts to access the facility stones, fire extinguishers, bottles of paint, boards, and other means prepared in advance were thrown in order to harm the police and prevent the evacuation process."

Police added, "This behavior indicates that the lawbreakers do not respect the place where they are and certainly not the local leadership. We emphasize that the policy of restraint will continue as long as violent acts aimed at harming the security forces operating in the area are not committed. The police will be unrelenting against all acts of violence and bring all lawbreakers to justice."

Police broke in to the synagogue at Amona Thursday afternoon. There are reports that eight police officers were lightly injured as they were attacked by youths armed with crowbars and other implements upon entering the synagogue.

Watch clip from inside synagogue

Public Security Minister Gil'ad Erdan has condemned the activists who barricaded themselves in the synagogue of Amona to interfere with the uprooting of the Samarian Jewish community.

Erdan said "Those who are barricaded in the synagogue are hooligans who are to be condemned in every way. They bring scorn on Judaism and have no respect for religion, synagogue and rabbis. I expect the police to act decisively to remove them."

The Police Spokesman stated Thursday that "police units in the Amona area will continue and complete the evacuation of the area. Police officers are talking with leaders of the community in an effort to deal with the situation and complete the evacuation of the synagogue without major incidents."

At present more than 200 youths are barricaded inside the synagogue of Amona and police are preparing to break into the synagogue. Police have begun to evacuate the building next to the synagogue in which activists had been barricaded overnight.

"Since the evacuation began yesterday 24 policeman were injured lightly and over 800 people have been removed from the area by police officers. 13 people were arrested for throwing stones at officers and being involved in disturbances during the evacuation."‏