Netanyahu addressing convention
Netanyahu addressing conventionAmos ben Gershom Inc.

Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu responded tonight (Tuesday) at the Center of Local Government convention to the State Comptroller's report regarding Operation Protective Edge, which was transferred to the State Oversight Committee.

In his speech, Netanyahu rejected claims that the tunnel threat was not presented properly to the cabinet: "The tunnel threat was presented to the cabinet in its full magnitude."

The Prime Minister referred to quotes publicized from cabinet meetings and said, "We conducted this war on the ground, we didn't conduct it for the protocol."

Netanyahu addressed statements made in the cabinet and quoted to convention participants lines from meetings of the political-security cabinet.

Among other things, Netanyahu cited a summary of a cabinet meeting held about six months before Operation Protective Edge, in which Netanyahu concluded the intelligence assessments with the words, "I point to two things: one, missiles, and the other, tunnels."