Warrant officer Erez Levi
Warrant officer Erez Levi Police spokesman

Warrant officer Erez(Amedi) Levi Hy's(May G-d avenge his blood), who was murdered in a terror attack in the Bedouin village of Umm Al-Hiran in the Negev, was laid to rest Wednesday afternoon in the military section of the Yavneh regional cemetery. Hundreds of people attended his funeral.

Levi, a member of the Coordinating Enforcement Actions Authority of the Police Operations Branch, joined the Border Police in 2002. He left a wife, two children, parents and brothers.

His widow, Clara Levi, eulogized him: "At 4:20 I texted you to look after yourself, I got up from my sleep and thought that something had happened to you but you answered me. Who would have believed that this was the last thing I would have from you?"

Police Commissioner Roni Alsheikh eulogized, saying "Dear Erez, you left at dawn to do your duty, unfortunately there are those who exploit every situation to commit terror attacks. The terrorist ignored policemen deployed there who called on him to stop and targeted a large group of policemen.

"You lived a short life of which you were 11 years a member of the police and there you eventually died during service. I have no doubt about what happened afterwards: your friends eliminated the terrorist and continued to perform their task until it was completed.

"Above your fresh grave we declare that terror will not weaken our resolve, we will do everything to ensure law and order. There is great mourning in the Israeli police. In the last few years the most beautiful flowers have been picked from the police and you were one of them. You were always a policeman who could be relied upon, straight and true, quiet and methodical, thorough, the first to volunteer in missions. You saw police work as your mission in life.

"Citizens of Israel! Know that the daily self-sacrifice of police is not anonymous. It has a name, a family, parents, children, a wife, brothers...dear family, words cannot express the force of the pain, you have become an integral part of the family of Israeli police, you will never walk alone."

Public Security Minister Gilad Erdan said: "When you grow older, dear Tair and Yair, [Erez's children] you will know and understand that this was the mission of your father Erez and of the police in which he and his wonderful family served so faithfully.

"Israel is a state of law and the more the law is enforced, the less violence there will be and the entire public will benefit from this. In the name of the Israeli government and police, I promise you, Erez, and commit to continue to follow in your footsteps, we will enforce the law in every place and at all times, we will not give in even when accursed murderers try to stop us."

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