Gaza terrorists fire rockets
Gaza terrorists fire rockets Albert Sadikov/Flash 90

In the wake of Gaza's electricity crisis, Gazan civilians organized demonstrations protesting against the serious lack of electricity and gas, and protesting Hamas' rule of terror.

In response, Hamas has arrested over 280 protesters, using any means available, including live weapons. They also arrested a comedian who made a video about the electricity crisis.

At the same time, Hamas threatened to begin firing rockets against Israel, whom they blame for the crisis and their civilians' anger.

Hamas leaders enjoy 24/7 electricity, but give Gazan civilians only three hours of electricity a day. It is worth noting Hamas gets part of their electricity from the Palestinian Authority and part from Israel. The Israeli electricity is also funneled through the PA. The Palestinian Authority has refused to pay their 153 million dollar debt, forcing Israeli citizens to foot the bill instead.

Meanwhile, Hamas leader Ismail Haniyeh announced Turkey has agreed to help Gaza by sending large amounts of electricity to Gaza.

"If we feel our leadership is being questioned, we will begin firing at Israel. We will not become like Bashar al-Assad, who threatens Israel but never follows through," a Hamas spokesman said.

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