Protest of Eritrean illegal immigrants
Protest of Eritrean illegal immigrants Tomer Neuberg/Flash90

Tel Aviv City Councilman Haim Goren, who represents south Tel Aviv, told Arutz Sheva that the State must come to a decision regarding the issue of the desecration of the Sabbath in Tel Aviv.

According to Goren, the State must decide whether to allow supermarkets in Tel Aviv to open on the Sabbath, but if it does not then the Tel Aviv municipality should decide on the matter.

"The State has to decide in an orderly manner what is allowed and what is not." Goren said. "Not just to say no, There must be a real discussion on all sides. The State is a Jewish State, but it is also democratic, and the haredim have to understand that."

"I see a bigger problem in the shopping complexes which generate [a lot of] conflicting trade and harms the keeping of the Sabbath in the public sphere, moreso than the kiosks which provide basic food to people on the Sabbath." he said.

Goren believes that is possible to operate public transportation on the Sabbath, but only in a limited fashion. "No one wants public transportation which would operate in full on Saturday. But for culture and leisure [there should be public] transportation, and thus the residents would not have to use private vehicles, which would minimize the desecration of the Sabbath."

"I do not see the haredim dropping out of the government over the kiosks or limited public transportation on the Sabbath as long as there are serious discussion and a consensus of the majority with compromises on both sides." he asserted.

Goren is not afraid to tackle the issue of the large population of illegal immigrants in south Tel Aviv. "We are eagerly awaiting he Supreme Court decision which should be made in the coming days [to see] whether the judges accept the position of the government on the transfer of infiltrators crossing into the country to a third country."

"It is not like tomorrow all the infiltrators will be taken out of south Tel Aviv. It will be gradual. The hope is that each year a few thousand infiltrators will leave." he said.

According to Goren, the birthrate of the illegal immigrants threatens Tel Aviv. He said the migrants have a birthrate of "over 1,000" a year. "That means that every [year] we have to build [an additional] 30 preschool classrooms, and that is a problem. These 1000 births are producing a [heightened] social threat level in south [Tel Aviv]."

"Take for example the Hatikva quarter, which has a traditional Jewish community. Today there are 16 preschools, of which 13 are for foreigners. The Jewish population is not coming to live in the south of the city." he said.

Goren warned: "You have to look forward, if the trend continues we will have a very problematic situation where Jews in south Tel Aviv will become a minority."