Chaya Zisel Braun
Chaya Zisel BraunCourtesy of the family

A US court ruled this week that Iran and Syria must pay the parents of a baby murdered in a terror attack a sum of 178 million dollars.

The terror attack in question happened in 2014 at a Jerusalem light rail station, when a Hamas terrorist rammed his car into the stroller of baby Chaya Zissel Braun Hy"d, who was then only three months old. She was murdered, as was another woman at the scene. Chaya’s father, Shmuel was badly wounded.

Afterward, Chaya’s parents took it upon themselves to wage a legal battle against terror.

Since their daughter had American citizenship, they filed suit in an American court against Iran and Syria, on grounds that these countries fund Hamas.

Now, the parents’ battle has born fruit.

Attorney Nitsana Darshan-Leitner, whose Tel Aviv-based Law Center, Shurat HaDin, represented the Braun family in court, praised the ruling. “The criminal regimes in Tehran and Damascus are the biggest state sponsors of terrorism is the world. This judgement sends a clear message that there is a very heavy price to be paid for financing terrorism and spilling innocent blood in the streets of Jerusalem. Shurat HaDin will relentlessly pursue the Islamic Republic and Syria through all legal avenues in order to ensure that these judgements are enforced and that the terror victims achieve a measure of justice.”