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The commander of the Kfir Brigade, Major-General Gai Hazut, attempted to persuade Elor Azariya's father this week not to appeal the military court's verdict against his son, according to a Channel 2 report,

According to the report, in a conversation between Hazut and Charlie Azariya, the officer advised the father to maintain a low profile and not submit an appeal and in return his son would receive defense from the army and would be sentenced to a short jail period.

During the conversation Hazut said "I can tell you, with friends who are lawyers and from what I read and from the verdict, it is so clear cut that the chances of a successful appeal are minimal."

The father stressed that he intended to appeal. "I am not willing to have my 21-year-old son charged with manslaughter when he served the country and didn't do anything. I have no problem with all of this if there wasn't a manslaughter charge. I don't want to cause damage to the army. When I hear soldiers calling me and saying 'listen, I don't know when to shoot and when not to shoot', I don't want that kind of damage."

In response the father was offered a deal which involved exchanging his defense team for a military defense team and even allowing Elor in the future to carry a pistol around in self-defense despite the conviction for manslaughter.

The father stressed that he was not willing to have his son sit in a military jail and the officer replied that the affair could not end without jail time.

In the past the IDF claimed that it had not been involved in the legal procedure but the new report belies that claim.