Attorney Jacob Weinroth
Attorney Jacob Weinroth Yossi Zeliger/Flash 90

Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu’s attorney, Jacob Weinroth, on Friday addressed the probe against Netanyahu, in the wake of reports in the media that the Prime Minister is suspected of receiving boxes of expensive cigars from Israeli businessman and Hollywood producer Arnon Milchan.

In a statement, Weinroth insisted that there is nothing that prohibits public servants from receiving cigars as a gift from friends.

"Any intelligent person knows that if a friend or someone close to you gives a friend cigars as a gift, there is not and cannot be anything prohibited about that - no shred of a criminal act," said Weinroth, referring to the reports on Channel 2 News with regard to Milchan.

Weinroth also referred to a second probe against Netanyahu about which he was questioned by police during a second round of questioning on Thursday.

"As for the second case, what I say again applies only to reports in the media. Well, after I heard the Prime Minister’s replies I was and still am calm. This is not about money, it's not about a loan, it's not about someone who committed a crime and I am convinced that when the answers of the Prime Minister are heard by those who need to hear them, it will turn out that there is no fear of a criminal offense in any of these things,” he stressed.

“These investigations may have warranted answers by the Prime Minister, and the Prime Minister provided those answers, but it is clear that there is nothing of substance in these allegations,” added Weinroth.

Thursday’s questioning came after Netanyahu was questioned for the first time for three hours this past Monday.

The Prime Minister dismissed the investigations during a Likud faction meeting this week, saying that his critics should hold off on celebrating his political demise since nothing would come of the investigations.

"We see and hear the festive spirit in the television studios and in the corridors of the opposition," Netanyahu said at the faction meeting.

"I want to tell them to put the festivities on hold. Do not rush. I told you and I repeat: there will be nothing because there is nothing. You continue blowing hot air balloons and we will continue to lead the State of Israel," added Netanyahu.

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