Queen Elizabeth Holds Pickle Impossible
Queen Elizabeth Holds Pickle Impossible Eli Stutz

The Queen of England was nearly shot, it was revealed on Wednesday, by her own royal guards.

The incident, which took place on an unspecified date a few years ago, remained hidden from the public, until it was publicized by the London daily Times on Wednesday.

According to the report, Queen Elizabeth II startled a royal guard on the grounds surrounding Buckingham Palace during an early morning stroll.

Unable to sleep one night, the monarch decided to step out for a pre-dawn walk around her royal residence.

Surprised by a figure in the darkness at around 3:00 a.m., one guard prepared to open fire, demanding the suspected intruder identify his or herself.

When the intruder turned out to be none other than the Queen, the guard, still shaken, blurted out “Bloody hell, Your Majesty, I nearly shot you.”

“That’s quite all right,” the Queen responded nonchalantly. “Next time I’ll ring through beforehand so you don’t have to shoot me.”

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