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Ambulance (Illustrative)Flash 90

A mother and her young son were found dead in the northern coastal town of Akko Wednesday morning in an apparent murder-suicide.

The incident comes just days after another apparent murder-suicide in Jerusalem, which left a 36-year old mother and her four daughters dead.

At 6:31 Wednesday morning, an MDA call center received a report regarding a woman who had fallen or leapt from her sixth-floor apartment on Nativ Hativat Golani Street in Akko.

MDA emergency responders who answered the call declared the woman dead at the scene.

During a search of the woman’s apartment the body of her 5-year old son was found, with signs of violence suggesting he may have been murdered.

MDA first responder Michael Yohanov described the scene: “When we arrived, we saw a woman at the bottom of the building, roughly 35 years of age, unconscious and with serious internal injuries. We performed a number of medical checks on her, but her injuries were extremely severe and we were forced to declare her dead shortly afterwards.”

The MDA team, joined by a police unit, then searched the woman’s apartment unit, where they made a second gruesome discovery.

“We went into the building along with police, and in one of the apartments discovered a boy, approximately 5 years of age, with no vital signs and who had signs of violence on his body,” Yohanov said. “Unfortunately, we were forced to declare him dead at the scene.”