Ktziot prison, phone smuggling target
Ktziot prison, phone smuggling target פלאש 90

The Southern district prosecutor filed an indictment this morning (Sunday) with the Be'er Sheva district court against Assad Daka, brother of convicted murderer Walid Daka, who gave MK Basil Ghattas cell phones to infiltrate into prison.

According to the indictment, the defendant's brother, Walid, has been incarcerated for 31 years for the murder of IDF soldier Moshe Tamam. Walid contacted Assad and MK Ghattas using a mobile phone previously infiltrated into the prison.

On December 18 Assad met MK Ghattas at the "Dor Alon" gas station on Route 6 northbound, where he passed four packages containing 12 mobile phones, 16 SIM cards, and other equipment for MK Ghattas to sneak into prison. Later that day, MK Ghattas entered the prison with all the equipment, where he met the prisoner and handed him documents. Afterwards, Ghattas met with another prisoner, Basel Bizra, to whom he passed the communications equipment.

The defendant, Assad Daka, was aware that the communications equipment was to be passed on to security prisoners and would almost certainly be used to endanger lives and harm state security.

The indictment charges the accused with violation of the prohibition against using property for terrorist purposes and the passing of communication equipment to a prisoner. The prosecution requested that the court remand Assad until the conclusion of legal proceedings against him.