Ortal Tamam
Ortal Tamam Arutz Sheva

The Tamam family reacted furiously to the reports that an Arab MK had smuggled mobile phones to terrorists in Israeli prisons, including to Walid Daka, who murdered IDF soldierMoshe Tamam 32 years ago.

Ortal Tamam, the niece of Moshe Tamam, told Arutz Sheva that MK Basel Ghattas' actions in smuggling the phones to her uncle's murderer are the final straw. "After struggling for a year and a half against the al-Midan Theater which staged a play written by my uncle's murderer, spnsoredby the State of Israel, to hear now that the terrorist's brother smuggled phones to the murderer with the help of MK Ghattas hurts."

Tamam said that her family has had to suffer while her uncle's murderer has lived the good life in prison for 32 years.

She called for Israel to change its policy towards security prisoners. "It is remarkable that this intelligence operation happened right under our noses. We hope that the terrorist and his brother will pay for this act, and of course, that MK Ghattas will sit in jail for many years."

"It should not be possible for them to continue to commit crimes while still in jail." she said. "I hope Israel will severely punish those who abused their positions as MKs to smuggle phones to terrorists."

The magistrate court extended Ghattas' arrest by one day Tuesday,despite a police request to extend the MK's arrest by four days. The presiding judge noted that there had been no significant development in the investigation, but said: "It is not an easy decision to order the remand of an MK. I have no doubt that if the person sitting in front of me was not an MK I would have agreed to extend his remand by many more days."