Meir Habib
Meir Habib יח"צ

French MP Meir Habib called his country's hosting a Paris "peace conference" next month to which neither Israel nor the Palestinian Authority were invited to be a "disgrace,"

"This conference is a disgrace. It isn't a peace conference. It's an international disgrace. President Obama failed a thousand percent in everything he did in the Middle East. He left 400,000 people to die in Syria, and all of their murderers will go free. Now a few days before the end of his term he wants to go to this conference to force Israel back to the '67 borders, the 'Auschwitz borders,'" Habib, who is Jewish, told Arutz Sheva.

"We should not panic." Habib cautioned. "It will not help. Jerusalem will remain the united capital of Israel forever."

He said that Israel has many friends in France who will stand by her during this difficult time, following the passage of an anti-Israel resolution by the UN Security Council last week. "As a Member of Parliament, I get many calls from many MPs who are not Jewish saying that they don't understand the UN resolution, that it is a disgrace which has crossed all borders [of decency]."

"The Paris conference is meant to force an agreement on Israel." he added. "But thank God, the new President, whom they call Trump, said [hopeful] things in the name of the world's greatest country, and I am hopeful that he will move the embassy to Jerusalem and [the conference] will not matter. Unfortunately, France is once again rewarding terrorism. France has experienced terrorist attacks in which 250 people have been killed in the last year and a half, in stabbing and ramming attacks - just like in Israel. On Bastille Day 84 civilians were murdered, and we are rewarding the jihadists." he said.

"They kill us and they receive a reward. They get a Palestinian Arab state and Jerusalem becomes a Muslim capital. It is a historical lie and a disgrace. All of this will not help because Israel is a strong country, thank God. But it is still a disgrace."