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A new report from an Egyptian news site lends credence to the Israeli contention that the US was behind the recently passed anti-Israel UN Security Council resolution.

According to the report, US Secretary of State John Kerry met with senior PA official Saeb Erekat before the vote to coordinate official positions on the resolution.

The revelations of the meeting, at which US National Security Advisor Susan Rice was also present, were broadcast this morning on Israel’s Channel 2.

During the meeting, those present blamed PM Netanyahu for preventing a “two-state solution,” and set out to achieve amongst themselves a so-called balanced proposal.

The Egyptian report also said that, aside from coordination of positions and an effective American promise that the US would spearhead the resolution and ensure that it got passed, the American representatives requested from the PA representatives that they ensure no terror attacks were carried out until the vote - to increase chances of the resolution’s passage.

This week, Minister Ze’ev Elkin told Arutz Sheva that the Ukrainian vote in favor of the resolution was influenced by American pressure. This claim fits well with the Egyptian report that the US had promised the PA to ensure that countries voted against Israel.

On Wednesday evening, Kerry is expected to make a speech outlining his approach to the Israeli-Palestinian conflict and its solution.