Amona youth
Amona youth photo: Yonatan Sindel, Flash 90

The Jerusalem District Attorney filed an indictment in Magistrate’s Court against a 25-year-old man from Mevaseret Zion for incitement to violent opposition to the planned Amona evacuation using WhatsApp.

The indictment was approved by the Attorney General, Avichai Mandelblitt.

According to the indictment, the defendant used his phone to encourage Whatsapp group members to commit acts of violence, or to express praise, sympathy, and encouragement for acts of violence.

The indictment states that on December 12, at 14:26, the accused wrote: "The Amona leadership has announced that the evacuation will happen with no struggle, and even if they hit, not to hit back. and whoever thinks differently should leave. It is our understanding that this path offers no chance to save Amona, and it will also avoid any trauma that might deter future evacuations, God forbid. Therefore, we call on everyone to leave there and to stop helping them. The goal is to urge them to drop these statements and return to the healthy original approach. Showing pictures of people in tears is not the way. We had enough of that in Gush Katif. Hoping to return as soon as possible, and to participate together with the residents and other self-sacrificing individuals to Amona ... "

On 12/11/16 at 14:45 the defendant wrote: "... The cursed Zionists must be not be allowed not show that they can do whatever they want with silence."

Later that day, at 14:48 the defendant wrote: “In Amona there need to be people injured - but only from the side of the accursed Zionists."

On 11/12/16 at 2:44, the accused published a picture of the Israeli flag bearing an Uzi rifle. The defendant wrote under the photo to "avenge mercilessly !!!!!!".

The prosecution statement said that “according to the contents of the inciting statements and the circumstances in which they were posted, there is a real possibility that they would result in actual acts of violence.”