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The "Working and Studying Youth" movement and the Dror Israel Movement announced on Sunday the launch of Operation Human Warmth, aimed at collecting winter supplies to help Syrian children and women.

The "Working and Studying Youth" movement (Noar Haoved Vehalomed) was founded in 1924, and holds the same beliefs as the "original" Zionists who founded Israel. The Dror Movement is an educational movement which aims to create long-term and meaningful social and educational change.

The two organizations launched Operation Human Warmth in collaboration with the Combat Genocide Association.

Collection centers will open on Monday in sixteen different locations around Israel, from Karmiel in the north to the Bedouin town of Keseifa in the south. The public is asked to donate whatever supplies they can.

Operation Human Warmth will run until January 12, and aims to collect gloves, shoes, blankets, sleeping bags, and winter coats to help Syrians suffering from the civil war on the edge of winter.

However, the program's coordinators also asked that nothing with Israeli or Hebrew logos or writing should be donated.

Combat Genocide representative Tal Rotem said, "We cannot remain indifferent to the horrors of the battles in Aleppo that are published every day. Our history as a nation and the fact that we are a democratic society obliges us morally to act for victims everywhere, to be the voices of the voiceless. We must not stand by when it is in our ability to help those in need.

"We call on the Israeli public: let’s open our hearts and together we can help save lives. This is the least we, the citizens of Israel, can do in the face of this human horror.”