Rabbi Haim Druckman
Rabbi Haim Druckman Killer Lederman

Rabbi Haim Druckman, the head of the Bnei Akiva Youth Movement and the Center for Bnei Akiva Yeshivot,criticized the Supreme Court's demand that the residents of Amona sign an unconditional pledge to be evacuated peacefully.

"The Supreme Court acted irresponsibly in its demand to Amona in order to abuse the residents and bring them to their knees, and its [humiliating] behavior was completely unnecessary." Rabbi Druckman said. "Do the learned judges want to see the community uprooted by force? It all worked out, so why did they have to make people angry?"

According to Rabbi Druckman, the court's demand was gravely irresponsible and endangered the public peace. "The fact is that there was no need to remove the community, but this agreement is an achievement showing great responsibility for public safety [on the part of the residents]."

"The most important things were achieved, so why publicize dictatorial statements at the last minute which give rise to anger and could, heaven forbid, harm [the agreement?]"

The residents of Amona submitted to the Supreme Courts demand and pledged to unconditionally evacuate peacefully. The original wording of their pledge conditioned peaceful evacuation on the government's fulfillment of its part of the agreement to move them to another area on the same hill. This plan has come up against sudden Arab claims to the hill which will have to be addressed by the government.