Amona press conference
Amona press conferenceHezki Baruch

The residents of Amona held a press conference Thursday at the home of the leader of their struggle, Avichai Boaron, in an attempt to explain their decision to reject the arrangement suggested by the government.

"Unfortunately at the last moment we have been left alone. We have made every effort so that the regulation of thousands of houses in Judea and Samaria should include Amona," said Boaron.

Boaron claimed that the arrangement they had been asked to sign did not contain a commitment on the part of the state to fulfill the details of the arrangement. "Nothing was written in the document except for a requirement on our part to leave our land willfully.

Boaron added that it had become apparent to residents that the Attorney General did not intend to delay the expulsion - even if the arrangement regarding absentee properties were to be struck down by the High Court.

He said that "we are experienced from previous expulsions. The arrangement was presented one way but the document we were asked to sign was very different."

He added that "if the government cannot commit to transferring us from the door of our houses to the door of an alternative house, we will not be able to accept the arrangement."

Boaron stressed that the residents of Amona are calling to act nonviolently, without raising a hand against the police or soldiers. They intend, he explained, to resist passively to the expulsion "as any person expelled from his home would do in any place in the world."

"To expel a child from his playroom, to uproot a girl from her bed, that is an act of violence, not our opposition to these abhorrent acts," concluded Boaron.