Hagai Topolansky
Hagai Topolansky IDF Spokesperson's Unit

The head of the IDF Manpower Directorate, Hagai Topolansky, announced Wednesday his resignation in the wake of the theft of his army computer and other sensitive artifacts from his house in a Southern district village. An army police investigation has been opened in the matter but the IDF censor refused to allow publication of the other artifacts which were stolen from Topolansky's house. Today Topolansky was interrogated in connection with the theft.

Last August, a military document was published testifying to a wave of thefts of military vehicles from bases adjacent to Arab population centers.

The head of the IDF Logistics Department, Brigadier General Yoram Azulai wrote then in a letter circulated to all unit officers that besides the economic damage to the IDF, theft of army vehicles could enable criminal and terrorist elements to use them in order to penetrate army bases and steal equipment or weapons or to attack soldiers.

"Theft of army vehicles constitutes a serious security risk and causes immediate damage to army resources. We must work to minimize such incidents," said the head of the Logistics Department in his letter.