Chief Rabbinate Council meeting
Chief Rabbinate Council meeting Chief Rabbinate

The members of the Chief Rabbinate Council and the Higher Rabbinical Court met today to discuss the criteria for recognition of Diaspora rabbis which were formulated by Chief Rabbi David Lau.

The discussion was led by Chief Rabbis David Lau and Yitzhak Yosef. The rabbis discussed the formulation of clear criteria which will state which Diaspora rabbis can be recognized regarding matters of marriage, divorce and conversion.

In the previous meeting of the Chief Rabbinate it was decided to set up a subcommittee which would draft a document of principles which would be submitted to the Chief Rabbinical Council and the High Court for authorization.

During the discussion Rabbi Lau said that he is working to establish a database containing the names of all those who registered for marriage in the Diaspora and then when the couple arrive in Israel it will be possible to immediately verify details and register their marital status in Israel.

The members of the subcommittee which will draft the principles will be Higher Rabbinical Court judges Rabbis Aharon Katz, Shlomo Shapira and Yitzhak Almaliah, as well as Rabbinate Council members Yitzhak Ralbag and Yehuda Deri