London Rachael Cerrotti/Flash90

Nearly 60% of all British Jewish students are studying in haredi institutions, the UK Education Ministry reports.

According to the haredi magazine Hamevaser, even though England is home to many public schools, as well as many irreligious Jewish schools, parents tend to prefer their children study in hareid schools instead.

In Manchester alone, the number of haredi students has tripled in the past twenty years.

The research also mentioned that in the 1950s, there were 26 Jewish schools in England, which educated 5,200 students. Today, the number of Jewish schools has reached 139, and the number of students is 31,000, with sixty percent studying in haredi institutions, as mentioned earlier.

Rabbi Abraham Pinter, a haredi rabbi who lives in Stamford Hill and heads the "Yesodei HaTorah" schools in London, said these statistics were very flattering, but require the deans and community leaders to take this growth into consideration and prepare plans that will enable the schools to meet the needs of their growing student and parent populations.