Israeli forces search for Neve Daniel stabber
Israeli forces search for Neve Daniel stabber Gershon Elinson/Flash 90

Security forces responded to reports of an infiltration into the city of Beitar Illit in Judea south of Jerusalem Friday evening, deploying forces and conducting searches amid fears of a potential terrorist attack.

The infiltration occurred just after 6:00 p.m. Friday evening, after the beginning of Shabbat, when two individuals broke into the city in between the two hills, A and B, that make up Beitar.

The two were spotted on security cameras, and law and enforcement and army officials were quickly notified of the threat.

Dozens of IDF soldiers, aided by the Shin Bet internal security agency, operated in the area, conducting searches throughout the city and patrols around the perimeter.

Taking the threat of a potential terror attack on residents into account, the IDF established a forward command post with senior army officials on the ground in Beitar.

The elevated security situation ended Saturday morning with the discovery of an exit point in the town’s fence, apparently torn by the intruders as they escaped, in the A side of Beitar.

It is unclear if the infiltrators entered Beitar with the intention of carrying out a terror attack, or for theft.

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