Ofer Shelah
Ofer Shelah Miriam Alster, Flash 90

MK Ofer Shelah (Yesh Atid) responded to the Religious Zionists rabbis' concerns regarding the integration of women into the Armored Corps.

"As mentioned, the New Integration Command which was recently signed declares that all soldiers must participate in official ceremonies, such as that of Yom Hazikaron, even if the ceremony will include women singing. In addition, the updated version of the Command states that an exemption from unit ceremonies will be given on an individual basis and decided buy the unit's commander."

Jewish law does not allow men to listen to women singing.

Shelah said, "In the past year, right-wing rabbis and politicians have intentionally attacked the IDF, in an attempt to change the IDF's values and activities, as well as undermine the authority of its commanders."

"Sometimes, government ministers join these attacks, in order to garner more votes for themselves," Shelah continued. "The Prime Minister chooses to be silent and not support the IDF commanders. This is a dangerous process, and every honest politician must do what Netanyahu is not doing, and protect those who protect us."

Recently, the decision to integrate women into the Armored Corps was made, despite the protests of religious politicians and rabbis, and despite scientific evidence that mixed-gender combat units attract less male recruits and are not as effective as all-male units.

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