Israel Electric Corporation crews in action
Israel Electric Corporation crews in action Israel Electric Corporation

A winter storm which hit Israel on Thursday has brought with it rain, winds, and a few power outages as well.

The strong winds caused several trees to collapse in Jerusalem, in one case causing a power outage. Crews from the Israel Electric Corporation are working at the scene to restore power.

Similarly, a power outage was felt in Petah Tikva. Electrical workers are working to repair that outage as well.

The stormy weather did not pass over the city of Eilat, and winds in that city tore down voltage wires. Electric Corporation crews are working on rebuilding the power line.

The storm is expected to continue overnight Thursday and into Friday. Showers accompanied by thunderstorms in northern and central Israel are expected overnight. It will be hazy in southern Israel. Snow is expected on Mount Hermon. There will be strong winds.

Friday will be a rainy and windy day in northern and central Israel. There is a fear of flooding in flood-prone areas, as well is in the rivers in the Judean Desert and in the Dead Sea. Snow will continue to fall on Mount Hermon. Temperatures will continue to drop and it will be unusually cold. The wind and rain are expected to weaken on Friday evening.

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