Environment Minister Amir Peretz
Environment Minister Amir Peretz Flash 90

MK Amir Peretz (Zionist Union) criticized the government's handling of the issues of Amona and the Regulation Law Wednesday night.

"If the [Regulation] Law is promoted, not only in Caesarea, but the fresh lawns in Ra'anana, right outside Naftali Bennett's house, will soon be caught up [in it]." Peretz said. "Everyone knows that it is a very simple thing. You can go onto private property, build on it, and then demand infrastructure and assistance, and finally say 'thank you.'

He also criticized Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu's handling of the submarine affair. "Even when I disagreed on a professional level, I never said I didn't know. Unfortunately the Prime Minister responded to the submarine affair with a weak alibi, that he did not know that an attorney who is close to him and is also his cousin was a consultant for the deal...the thought that the Prime Minister did not know what is going on around him should cause [us to have] sleepless nights."

Peretz compared the corruption of Netanyahu to the corruption of the Mapai party which was partially responsible for the Likud assuming power in 1977. "Contempt and arrogance is not limited to one [party]. Like the Mapai party in '77, the Likud and Netanyahu cannot forsee the possibility of their being replaced."