David Bitan
David Bitan Yonatan Sindel/Flash 90

After a consultation between coalition head MK David Bitan(Likud) and the head of the Regulation Law committee MK Nissan Slomiansky, it was decided to bring two alternatives of the proposed Regulation Law(aka Normaliztion Law) to vote. The bill will be presented Wednesday for the preliminary vote in the Knesset plenum.

"The law which we will vote on tomorrow morning is a complex hybrid which has been approved by the Knesset's attorney and the Knesset speaker. It will be presented in two alternative options. The law will be presented with or without clauses 7 and 10 which deal with Amona and the courts, " explained MK Slomiansky.

"This means that we are asking the Knesset to approve the law in a preliminary reading and allow the committee to decide which option it will adopt. We are asking the Knesset for a deferment," added Slomianski.

It is estimated that this is an attempt to foil coalition opposition to passing the preliminary reading of the law. However it is possible that the law will be adopted in its diluted version, rendering it superfluous.

Coalition officials estimated that Bitan is representing the interests of the prime minister who is opposed to the Regulation Law, and therefore the move is intended to find a way to bypass the legislation by removing the problematic clauses within the law.

The head of the Jewish Home party faction, MK Shuli Mualem said in the committee that "the Regulation Law will be presented tomorrow for a preliminary reading in two versions- with or without the retroactive clause. The coalition is obligated to vote for the law as it passed in the ministerial committee, including the retroactive clause and Moshe Kahlon (Kulanu) and his party must vote accordingly.

"We have no intention of giving up on Amona and as long as there is no genuine solution to save the community from being destroyed, we will continue to promote the law until it is approved in a second and third reading," she emphasized.

The attorney representing the Regulation Law committee, attorney Elazar Stern, explained that "Knesset regulations previously stated that committees could prepare legal proposals in two versions until the second and third readings and it regulated how the plenum would decide between the alternative proposals.

"The matter was erased from the regulations and there is no directive regarding the preliminary reading. This is an unusual move but it has legal precedents and is feasible. It means that there is a basic outline for a bill to pass a preliminary reading which involves a complex issue - and the committee is asking the Knesset plenum for a permit to continue to discuss the proposal with two options available for legislation. For the second and third readings the committee will have to decide between the two possibilities," said Stern.

MK Shelly Yachimovich (Zionist Union) said this morning at the Sderot conference that she is "sharply opposed to the Regulation Law. It will bring disaster on us. The state has a responsibility to the residents of Amona but the responsibility is to find a proper solution. This is a fight between the Right and the Right, every leader there wants to be conspicuous.

"The entire Israeli public is hostage to a faction of the Jewish Home party. The Regulation Law will not pass and whoever legislates it will bear responsibility. It is an unethical and unjust law, we are playing into the hands of the Palestinians and betraying the residents of Amona," she added.