Neve Tzuf
Neve Tzuf Israel Police

The tax authorities this morning published a list of 9 communities which will be recognized as suffering from hostile acts or from war damage due to intentional arson attacks during the course of the wave of fires which struck last week.

Information released by the tax authorities, the police and the fire commissioner demonstrates that at the present time these authorities maintain that the fires which broke out in these places were intentional acts of arson.

The places which were recognized are: Haifa, Zichron Yaakov, Tal-El, Dolev, Talmon, NeveTzuf, Nataf, Gilon and Nirit.

The tax authorities stated that "The most plausible conclusion regarding these places is that there was war damage as defined in property tax law and compensation fund law or that there was a hostile attack as defined in the law of remuneration for those harmed in hostile acts. Both of these laws entitle victims to compensation.

Regarding the rest of the conflagrations, the state has not yet concluded its investigation together with security forces and the fire authority or has not yet received information about the extent of the damage.

"As more evidence will be received concerning hostile acts and acts which caused damage to property, the tax authority will update this list."