Attorney Sheldon Schorer, the head of Democrats Abroad Israel, shared his thoughts about the results of this month's US presidential election with Arutz Sheva.

"Of course it was surprising." Schorer said of Donald Trump's victory over Hillary Clinton.

"A lot of the campaign unfortunately, was negative." Schorer said, explaining why he thought Clinton lost. "It's unfortunate that a lot of the mud stuck where it really shouldn't have been."

Schorer praised the protesters who demonstrate against Trump's victory. "It's very democratic to be able to protest. The ability to protest is a mark of democracy."

"There's no doubt that they accept Donald Trump as president." he added. "But there is opposition to a lot of the policies and attitudes of Donald Trump."

He was worried about what a Trump presidency could mean for Israel. "I disagree with you that Israelis are happy. There was a CNN poll taken a month ago which said that Israelis...preferred Hillary Clinton to Donald Trump 2 to 1."

"The general who is his main candidate for Secretary of State has called Israel as possibly an 'Apartheid' state." he observed.

Gen. James Mattis, who said that Israel was in danger of becoming an "Apartheid state" because of the Jewish presence in Judea and Samaria, is a leading candidate for Secretary of Defense in the Trump Administration.

"I think that people who voted for Trump might be disappointed. I hope not. I hope that Trump will continue the support that the Obama Administration has shown for Israel."

Schorer also said that the reelection of a Republican Congress was inconsistent with the reasons the American people voted for Trump.

"America wanted a change because they didn't like their politicians. They thought that Congress wasn't working well. So what did the American people do? They reelected a Republican Congress. I can't understand that. If they really wanted change, they should have thrown the Republican Congress out and elected Democrats."