Nissan Slomiansky
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Knesset legal advisor attorney Eyal Yinon warned at a special committee hearing Tuesday morning that the Regulation Law (also known as the Normalization Law) "may cross a frontier yet to be traversed" as it calls for legislation for a Palestinian population who have no right to vote in the Knesset."

"This could be interpreted as annexation," added Yinon, stating that "the present proposal is sailing outside Israel's known territorial waters and the question is whether it can be brought back to port."

MK Nissan Slomiansky (Jewish Home) said at the beginning of the meeting that "I intend to conduct a genuine discussion, lengthy but not populist. It is possible that proposals will be brought in the course of discussions which will make the law redundant. These are subjects which are at the fulcrum of democracy - after 50 years the legislators wish to relate to the 450,000 subjects who live around the country but whose status remained unclear. The topics are profound and the responsibility on us is great."

'We want a strong, stable judicial system just as we want a strong, stable legislative system, so there is no intention to harm or belittle one of the systems. We have to make order and possibly establish demarcation lines for each system. I think that the law will not harm the status of the courts but will establish borders and demarcation lines."