The surprise win by Republican nominee Donald Trump on Tuesday sparked serendipitous celebrations by his supporters – and drew angry, sometimes violent responses from left-wing opponents of the new President-elect.

College campuses in California, as well as downtown Oakland, erupted with spontaneous protests after Trump’s victory was announced.

Rioters in Oakland burned Trump in effigy, smashed store windows, blocked traffic, and burned garbage in the streets.

Later, graffiti calling for the assassination of the President-elect was found on the wall of a building in downtown Oakland.

During one of the first protests in Los Angeles early Wednesday morning, some demonstrators made explicit calls to violence.

One woman, identifying herself as “Lily”, told CNN that after the Trump victory, “people would have to die.”

“There will be casualties on both sides,” she added, saying that “people have to die to make a change in this world.”

In some cases, voters backing Trump were targeted even before the results were in.

A viral video shows a man beaten by hoodlums in Chicago, after they discovered that he had cast a ballot for the Republican nominee.

The attackers pummeled the Trump supporter while a woman filming the incident encouraged the attackers, shouting “He voted Trump! Beat his ass! Don’t vote Trump!”

One of the assailants in the video can be seen breaking into and apparently attempting to make off with the man’s car.

The protests spread across the country on Thursday, with many colleges abetting the anti-Trump backlash by giving students the day off to “mourn” the outcome of the election.

In Los Angeles, 1,000 demonstrators burned Trump in effigy and blocked traffic near City Hall.

Rioters shut down city streets across portions of Portland, Chicago, Philadelphia, and Boston.

At some of the demonstrations, rioters burned American flags, chanting “Not my president.”

Next door to Oakland in Berkeley, one of the most staunchly progressive-left areas in the US, high school students protested Trump’s win, with half of Berkeley High’s student body marching out, the Berkeley Unified School District said.

Some students in Berkeley waved Mexican flags, chanting “Yes, we can” – in Spanish, the LA Times reported.

Those rural and middle class citizens who gave Trump his victory got unintended support for their feeling that the America they knew was being taken over by lawbreaking, unpatriotic riffraff.