MK Yehuda Glick
MK Yehuda Glick Yonatan Sindel/Flash 90

MK Yehuda Glick (Likud) on Tuesday came out in defense of journalist Ilana Dayan, following Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu’s strong reaction to Dayan’s investigation into the conduct of the Prime Minister’s Office.

Dayan’s investigative report, airing on her program “Uvda” on Channel 2, included interviews with dozens of former senior officials and aides to Netanyahu who had had disagreements with him and left his employ.

More striking than the report itself, however, was Netanyahu’s response, which Dayan read aloud in its entirety at the end of her program.

Among other things, the response referred to Dayan as an extreme leftist and backed it up with examples of statements she has made in the past.

Speaking Tuesday at the Knesset, Glick defended Dayan who had conducted an interview with him after an Arab terrorist shot him in the chest in October of 2014.

Glick in his remarks made clear first that he greatly respects Netanyahu.

"I think I'm very much appreciative of our Prime Minister, I think he is the best person to be Prime Minister these days. He’s a really valuable and important man," he said.

At the same time, Glick added, "I'm glad I live in a democratic country. Last night the Prime Minister issued a statement against a senior television reporter. The reporter Ilana Dayan interviewed me fairly in the past. Maybe I did not agree with everything she said but she conducted a fair interview, and I find it necessary to protect her good name here in the Knesset of Israel.”

"I cannot understand the reaction of the Prime Minister, whom I very much appreciate and really respect, and am glad that I live in a democratic country in which I am allowed to express my personal feelings," said Glick.

Glick’s remarks came after a senior government minister, who did not wish to be named, also criticized Netanyahu’s reaction to the report and said that "his regular trick, in which he calls anyone who argues with him a leftist, has stopped working."

Dayan herself rejected Netanyahu’s assertion that she is a radical leftist who targeted him, insisting she was simply doing her job as a journalist.

"The prime minister is not my opponent," Dayan told Army Radio on Tuesday morning. "I am not Ahmadinejad, not Gideon Sa'ar, and not Yisrael Katz. We do not play in the same court.”