Netanyahu addresses passing of Shimon Peres
Netanyahu addresses passing of Shimon PeresYoubtube/screenshot

Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu has long been criticized for interfering in American politics. His well-publicized speech to a joint session of Congress in March 2015 against the Iran deal inflamed many US officials at what they saw as one of many acts of undue interference in the American political process during the course of Netanyahu's career.

In the last American Presidential elections, Netanyahu was accused of campaigning for Mitt Romney. One of Romney's campaign ads featured Netanyahu, and Joe Klein, of Time magazine, described Netanyahu’s behavior then as, "an unprecedented attempt by a putative American ally to influence a US presidential campaign".

This time around, Netanyahu is going out of his way to seem fair and even-handed. Polls within the Likud show that most of the members of Netanyahu’s party favor Trump. Nevertheless,t Netanyahu himself has said that he has no preference. On his trip to the US in September, he made a point to meet with both candidates, and he has scrupulously avoided making any statements that could be interpreted as favoring one candidate over the other.

On the eve of tomorrow’s voting, Netanyahu addressed the American elections at the beginning of today’s Likud faction meeting. Said Netanyahu, "Whatever the results, the relationship between the US and Israel will continue to be strong, based on our shared values of freedom, democracy, and progress. The American people see Israel as a unique and faithful ally.”