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Hillary Clinton’s campaign on Tuesday dismissed an ABC/Washington Post poll which found that Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump has a 1 percentage point edge over Clinton, claiming it was “bad polling.”

“Sorry. It’s just not what we see at all; it’s not what other people seem to have,” a senior Clinton aide said to the Democrat’s traveling press pool Tuesday, according to Politico.

“There just seems to be something about that model that seems off,” the senior aide claimed.

The same poll showed Trump trailing Clinton 12 points just a week ago as his campaign floundered beneath the weight of sexual assault allegations against and a 2005 recording on which he can be heard using vulgar language with regards to women.

The poll showing that Clinton had a lead was touted at the time by Democrats, who jumped on it as proof that Clinton’s election was a shoe-in.

Clinton’s senior aide told the traveling press that the former secretary of state’s campaign always expected the race to tighten and that Trump began closing the gap after the third presidential debate.

The aide further said the Manhattan billionaire has gained on Clinton because “Republicans started to come home to Trump” and claimed Clinton’s campaign has seen no evidence that the FBI Director’s revelation that the agency is reopening the email probe has hurt Clinton significantly in the polls.

“The race has tightened in a way we thought it would tighten, but we do not see anything that would suggest that that FBI story is impacting it,” the aide said, according to Politico. “I wouldn’t say what our internals show, but we think that we have a relatively substantial national lead.”